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Lmao good parody Rena.

TemporarySevenSeize responds:

If you wish to continue this story, get your daddies credit card!

This seems like a great flash, can you do a version in English?

Tyrrael responds:

I will, I'll do some editing and update this post with subtitles. I just finished this project recently and haven't had the time to add subs yet.

I don't know anything about Keemstar but this was so funny. Seeing him poop some guy out his ass, LOL. The whole thing was funny not one dull moment.

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Fun game it just needs more levels.

Great bullet hell game, intense and fun graphics. I like how each time you die you still get a chance to improve your game with upgrades so there is no wasted time. This gives it good replay value too. Most bullet hell games are too easy this was a challenge to me. Only problem I had was getting stuck sometimes if I moved to the far left/right sides of the game.

cp99 responds:

Should never get stuck tho... in my last update a few publishers asked me to adjust the game position (hml5 stuff that encapsulates the game) so it is middle. Tested a bit, full game runs and it all seemed ok to me. On the bright side, once u defeat a boss, in the next run the level flows much faster and the boss is only half health to quickly traverse through... so re-runs and comming back in the next day to try again is a thing I also took into consideration when building the pseudo-randomly generated levels.

I liked it, the graphics and the way you mission select in the solar system makes it stand out from other bullet hell games.

Edit for response: The only thing I didn't like was that it seemed too easy, but I haven't gone to the other levels so I don't know if it gets harder. Maybe make it more hard at the beginning and less rounds for the first level. After round 30 I felt it should have moved to the next level or become more of a challenge by then.

cook1ee responds:

Thanks for the feedback :)
Is there something you dislike so I know for the future what I can do better?

Edit: Updated

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Great song I love how it progresses and the pace.

Great cover love this song. Yeah I wish they had more attention for this song but it's kind of a one hit wonder for me at least with this band. I learned this song from the movie Gummo.

Great song, has a lot of replay value for me.

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Great body her face is just a bit too faded looking.

I love pit bulls I miss mine, real cool looking collar he has on.

Lol, does Jay have the goggles from Silence of the Lamb's Buffalo Bill? Since he mimicked the scene to Goodbye Horses? Nice reference if so and I like the picture.

Haha my friend.

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