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Entry #3

My Pit Bull Boomer.

2018-01-13 12:50:28 by WaffleCrisp

I've been thinking a lot recently about my memory of my only dog. His name was Boomer, a pit bull. 

These dogs are the kindest and loving dogs I have ever known, but if abused for sport or cruelty, they become the violent animals people see them as today. I was one of those people, I slapped my dog in the face to take my anger out on him, just another twisted angst teenager. He never bit back, he always seemed sad to disappoint me. He too was also abused by a previous owner.

One day he finally seemed close to snapping. I had stopped hurting him but it was too late, and he growled a little bit. He did not want the love he needed anymore. He was tired of the abuse. He needed to take it out on someone. Well he did, not me, he ate a cats jaw off.

I awoke from my cruel spirit that day because I knew they were going to put him down, because of me, not him. I know he took abuse from so many owners and now he is dead because some angst kid broke the camels back.

So this post is in memory of my dog. 



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2018-01-13 14:51:51

rest in peace pupper :(